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Welcome to Room 5's class website!  This webpage is designed to keep students and parents informed of the happenings going on in our classroom and in our school.  You will find valuable links that compliment our curriculum as well as updates for assignments and homework.  Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns you may have.
English Language Arts and Social Studies

During the 3rd marking period, the students will continue working with nonfiction.  They will research topics in order to build arguments and encourage rich thinking.  Also, they will be constructing an argumentative essay which requires them to form a claim about a topic of their choice and defend the claim using evidence and personal thoughts.  As usual throughout the marking period, the children need to be reading 20-30 minutes daily at home as well as to be making the weekly writing entries in their notebooks.


Room 5 will start the 3rd marking period with chapter 4 in our social studies textbook.   They will explore the early colonization of North America.  Notes are taken in class, definitions are kept in the notebook, and a study guide is offered to help prepare for the test.  Students are always encouraged to reread lessons if necessary as well as to read ahead in order to prepare for the class discussions.


The school year went fast!  I would like to congratulate all my 5th graders for working very hard this year in literacy and social studies.  We read a lot of good books, practiced many skills, wrote numerous essays across several genres, and discovered interesting historical facts.  We have a lot to feel good about. Please take the time over the summer to continue exercising your skills by relaxing with a few cool books of your choice.  Have a wonderful summer vacation and best of luck as you enter middle school!
For inoming 5th graders of the 2017-2018 school year, here is your list of school supp