Weber, Tricia

The School Year Comes To An End!!!

Mrs. Weber

Support Specialist

Room 2

Grade(s)/Subjects(s): 4th & 5th / Support Specialist in Literacy & Math

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Phone number: 732-752-8652 ext. 5502
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The end of the school year can be a very exciting time. We look forward to summer vacation and plenty of FUN!!! It is also time to reflect on what has been taught over the past school year. We reflect on what we have learned and accomplished. During the summer, think about all the reading and writing strategies you have learned.

When you are READING a book, remember to think about the story, how the characters change, the problems and how they are solved, why the setting is important and the theme of the story. Make that picture in your mind. Talk about the book to a parent, a grandparent, a friend, etc. Remember to read and respond to what you have read everyday! Write about what you read. Make lists, write poetry or write a letter to a friend. Write, Write, Write!!! You might just become the next big author that everyone is reading!

However, don't forget about MATH! Time yourself with flashcards. Continue to practice your multiplication and division facts. It will make life so much easier when you go back to school in September.

Last but not least, if you are given a summer project, do not procrastinate. The sooner you get it done the more time you will have to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Finally, best of luck to the fifth graders moving on and their new endeavors. Remember to do your very best with every task and Always, Always, Always continue to.....
                                                             ** Reach for the Stars**

Warm Wishes,
Mrs. Weber :)