Mejias, Steve

Mr. Mejias
Orchestra at Arbor
Phone: (732)-752-8652 Ext. 5525 

Welcome to 4th and 5th Grade Orchestra!

Societies and cultures from throughout history have always shared the concept of music. It creates entertainment, identity, and connections between many people.  By "musicking," we take part in activities surrounding music, whether it be performing, listening, composing, etc. and through it we garner a better appreciation for music and the arts as a whole.

Through orchestra, my goal is to teach students not only how to play an instrument but how to enjoy and appreciate music. They will learn skills such as critiquing, critical thinking, and team-building, all useful not only in the rehearsal space but throughout their lives. They will see the value in practicing, focusing, and learning, all needed in accomplishing goals and seeing their progress. But just as important, they will learn to have fun with their learning!

 If you need to contact me with questions, you may use the "Contact Me" tab on the left of this webpage or using the given information above.