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Together, we will be FANTASTIC in FOURTH grade!

Room 15

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E-mail: dmignella@pway.org
Phone:732-752-8652 ex. 5515

The best way to contact me is by email.  You may also reach me by phone directly before or after school hours.

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Welcome to Arbor School
and 4th Grade! 

Happy 2017!

Students in Room 15 and Room 14 are continuing to work hard as we start a new calendar year!

In math, we have finished up our division chapter and will be moving into Chapter 5 learning about Factors, Multiples and Patterns. We will then move into several chapters involving fractions!

In Science, Room 14 is learning about the water cycle and weather. Afterwards, both classes will learn all about matter!

Keep practicing your multiplication facts!

Together, let’s continue being FANTASTIC in FOURTH!  




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Keep practicing Multiplication Facts!

Be sure to use think central for extra practice or to look ahead at future lessons!  

Sum dog is a fun way to practice your math skills!