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Welcome to Room 31! This website has been created to help parents and students stay connected to what is going on in the classroom. Be sure to check out the calendar and all the links for important information!  I will be your child's Literacy and Social Studies teacher, and Mrs. Homlish (Room 35) will teach them Math and Science.  Until Mrs. Homlish returns from maternity leave later in the school year, Ms. Schmidt will be teaching Math and Science. 

Daily homework assignments are located on the Calendar page. All assignments may be subject to change, based on student or teacher need and schedules.

Room 31 Specials Schedule:

Mon - Spanish 1:00-1:45
        - Gym 1:45-2:30
Tues - Art 1:45-2:30
Wed - Tech 1:45-2:30
Thurs - Gym 1:45-2:30
Fri - Music 1:45-2:30

Hello 2nd Marking Period!
Though it may seem hard to believe, the first marking period of this school year has already come to an end! Students worked so hard in the first few months of school and have developed many new skills.  In Literacy during the second marking period, we will be switching our focus from narratives/fiction to nonfiction reading and writing. Students have been writing a feature article on a topic of their own expertise, filled with information presented through text, graphic aids, and text features.  Keep an eye out for these fascinating articles on a wide variety of topics!  In reading, students have begun to dive into the complexities of informational texts.  Ask your child about our recent read-aloud, When Lunch Fights Back, if you want to learn about the amazing, unusual, and sometimes gross ways animals can defend themselves from their predators.
In Social Studies, students will learn about early Native American life, from the regions where they lived to their ways of life.







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