A Message From Your Principal

Dear Arbor Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to another marvelous school year! My staff and I look forward to meeting you and your child on September 6th, 2017. You are now part of an amazing learning community filled with dedicated teachers, attentive support staff, and a committed administrative team whose purpose is to ensure the individual academic success of your child. Arbor School consistently places the education of your child as our first priority however, in order to be as effective as possible we need your help. Please remain an active part of your child’s education. Research shows that as students get older, parents tend to take a step back, expecting students to more independently tend to their academic responsibilities. However, the truth is that your child will always need you in some capacity such as to be their guide, supporter, or source of information while in school. We welcome you to be the active parent that your child will need for years to come.

Another aspect of being involved will include our school Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO). Arbor’s PTO helps to provide students with trips, activities, and in-school opportunities which enhance their overall experience. They assist in the funding of 4th and 5th grade trips, sponsor family movie nights, support Field Day, run the book fair twice a year, and coordinate off-site events. The PTO always needs more helping hands so please consider joining. Teachers also organize grade level programs that relate to our grade level curriculum. Please keep an eye out for their programs as well.

Piscataway is truly a great place to live as well as a terrific place to raise a family with schools dedicated to student achievement. As principal of Arbor School, it is an honor and I consider it a privilege to serve this school community. With our school mascot being the Arbor Alligator, I am excited to see each one of our students work toward “Gator Greatness”. We believe that every child can learn and it is our duty to determine their interest, understand their learning style, and meet them where they are on their academic journey.

Together, I know that we will make this school year one of growth and achievement. I look forward to getting to know you as a returning or new member of the Arbor Intermediate School Family. For the students, remember to wear the Arbor School colors of blue and green on the first day!


Janelle D, Williams

Janelle D. Williams