School Supplies 2016-2017

        Arbor School 4th Grade Supply List 2016-2017 

One- 3 subject spiral notebook

Ten-  2 pocket folders (prefer red, blue, yellow, white, green & 5 others of your choice)   

Two- Highlighters

One- Block eraser

Two- Packs of pencils (no mechanical pencils)

One- Blue or black pen

One- Box of crayons or colored pencils

One- Glue stick

Two- Boxes of tissues

Two- Black dry-erase markers

One- Pencil Box or Pouch
*Please note that students are not allowed to bring pencil sharpeners to school with them due to safety issues.  

Arbor School 5th Grade Supply List 2016-2017 
1-three-subject notebook
10-two pocket folders
2 red pens-(erasable preferred)
2 blue/black pens-(erasable preferred)
 2-boxes of tissues
3-large erasers
2 extra-large book covers
3-boxes of yellow #2 pencils (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS--If mechanical pencils are brought to school, they will be collected and returned at the end of the year.)
1-soft or hard pencil case with a zipper
2 highlighters
1-small box of crayons or colored pencils
1 glue stick

Mrs. Magrino & Mr. Montgomery’s

Class Supply List


Students should bring in these materials for the first day of school. Please realize that many of these items will need to be replenished throughout the year. Feel free to send in extra items to be stored for when your child needs them.

3     one subject notebooks (Red, Green, Yellow)

8     pocket folders (2 each - red, blue, green, yellow)

2     highlighters

2     boxes of tissues

2     large erasers

2     extra-large book covers

2     boxes of pencils (Yellow #2)

1     pencil case

1     Heavy Duty one inch binder with clear insert cover

**Please no lead pencils, or sharpeners.**