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Summer Is Here!  
Enjoy this time to rest up and recharge for the upcoming school year!  Don't forget to make time for reading each day. We will see you in September!!

Wilson Reading:

The Wilson Reading System is a remedial phonics program based on the principles of Ortan-Gillingham methodology. It is designed for students who are reading and spelling below their expected level. It is systematic and explicit and offers a multi-sensory approach. This program will greatly benefit slow, labored readers who lack fluency, students who know many words by sight, but have difficulty reading new words and nonsense words, and students who often guess at words. This program teaches to mastery so students move at their own pace.

Students in both the 4th and 5th grade Wilson Groups are currently working on Wilson Step 3.
4th graders are in substep 3.5 which  focuses on reading and spelling words with two or more syllables by dividing the word into syllables and sounding out or spelling one syllable at a time. 

5th graders are in substep 3.5 which still has them working one reading a spelling words with two or more syllables but also they are adding vowel suffixes -ed and -ing to the ends of these words.