LEAP for Art


5th Grade


 4th Grade



Thank you to all who applied! The selection process is a very difficult one, as there are a lot of applicants and only a certain number of spots. Those who were not invited into the program at this time will be on the wait-list. Therefore, if someone leaves the program for any reason and a spot opens, we will go to the wait-list and invite students from there.  :)

The Learning Enriched Art Program (LEAP) at Arbor School follows the philosophy of Piscataway Township School District by identifying and providing challenging learning opportunities for identified students in grades 4 and 5. This is done through small group instruction with projects that are artistically challenging and more advanced than the mainstream classroom lessons, which leads the student beyond the scope of what is part of the K-5 curriculum. Students will further develop and enhance their creative production abilities, gain knowledge of master works, and engage in critiquing their own and work produced by their peers. Classes will meet once a week during the school year.

Criteria for Enrollment

Students who express their interest in the Visual Arts LEAP program will be asked to complete an application that consists of personal information, writing sample, and drawing assignment. This application will be provided to students within the second week of school.

The drawing component of the application must include the following items in order to be considered for enrollment. In addition, the students must show high quality artistic abilities and ability to handle art media with upmost skill.

  1. Landscape, Seascape, or Cityscape.

  2. Foregroud, Middleground, and Background.

  3. Objects should change in size to show distance.

  4. Work is neatly colored. This means same direction coloring; no ripped paper or folds.

  5. The drawing must fill up space.

  6. The drawing must be complete! This means: no white of the paper showing; objects must be colored creatively; and   

  clouds and objects that are white in color should be colored white.

The writing component must be an essay containing more than one paragraph. Paragraph should have minimum of five sentences.

All other parts of this application must be complete.  The application is due Friday, September 30, 2016. Once the application has been submitted, it will not be returned back to the student for improvement and re-submission.

By handling the application process responsibly, the students demonstrate their ability to handle tasks and take on commitments such as the LEAP Art Program.

Should you have any questions please contact me at (732) 752-8652, ext. 5501.


Ms. Christina Petrilli