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We have concluded our work with matter. Students have seen what physical properties make up matter around them. Students are able to identify what a solid, liquid and gas are. Energy (heat) is needed to make a phase change occur. Heat will speed up solid molecules to change it's form to a liquid. Heating a liquid would change it to a gas. If we take heat away from a gas it will phase change to a liquid. Heat taken away from a liquid will make it a solid. We will take this knowledge and complete a Matter Slide Show and an interesting experiment during the week of Read Across America! 
Posted by clepski  On Mar 01, 2015 at 7:46 PM 15 Comments
Students have continued to grow in understanding of their multiplication facts and used it to master strategies of divisions. Students worked on modeling division with base ten blocks, regrouping, repeated subtraction and drawing models. Students continue to break down multiple step word problems related to everyday life situations. We are continuing to build our math skills. We are now going to take our knowledge of multiplication to help tackle fractions! Multiplication will allow us to recognized fractions in simplest form. It will allow us to make equivalent fractions and make common denominators for a given pair of fractions. We will also compare fractions, order fractions,and add and subtract fractions with equal sized parts.
Posted by clepski  On Mar 01, 2015 at 7:41 PM
Students worked hard with Geography. We learning Cardinal and intermediate directions and how to use them with giving directions. Students made wonderful grid maps of their favorite room in their home. We discussed land forms , human made and natural, latitude and longitude lines and how we use all these features to communicate where places are all around the world. As we move on we will connect our personal lives with our loving state of New Jersey! 
Posted by clepski  On Nov 18, 2014 at 8:55 AM 22 Comments
Science students have gotten familiar with the science tools and the scientific method. As we move into learning about the learning The Water Cycle students will investigate labs to make personal connections and how science is all around us. 
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Students have been working hard improving their natural recall of math facts through exercising their brains in their mathercise. During the first marking period we focus on place-value, writing numbers in expanded form, word form and standard form. We looked at the relationship between digits in place value.  As we move into the second marking period we are focusing on strategies of multiplication. With using base ten blocks, area models, partial products, and regrouping we are looking to master two digit multiplication. As well as explaining how we know our products are reasonable using our estimated products,found by using our compatible numbers or rounding. Keep practicing our basic math facts! When we move into division it will be a tremendous help, because we can use our inverse operations to help us solve for quotients! 
Posted by clepski  On Nov 18, 2014 at 8:41 AM 15 Comments