The Fifth Grader

Elementary / Intermediate Counseling

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Is your ten-year-old on track? Below are some general development milestones to help you understand your child's progress over the school year. Keep in mind that every child is different and may not fit perfectly into this framework.

Where They Are
The average ten-year-old has a positive approach to life. She:

  • Tends to be obedient, good natured, and fun.
  • Possesses a surprising scope of interests.
  • Finds TV very important and identifies with TV characters.
  • Is capable of increasing independence.
  • Is becoming more truthful and dependable.
  • Tends to be improving her self-concept and acceptance of others.
  • Forms good personal relationships with teachers and counselors.
Where They're Going
School isn't just academics. Your child's teachers are also helping him grow socially. At ten-years-old, your child is developing communication skills and becoming more mature. You can help by encouraging him as he:
  • Improves his listen and responding skills.
  • Increases his problem-solving abilities.
  • Begins to undergo maturational changes.
  • Gains awareness of peer and adult expectations.