Rosania, Christina (Petrilli)

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ABOUT ART CLASSES: All VIRTUAL LEARNING information for art classes can be found on Schoology. If your child misses any Zoom Art Class, you can find the videos, assignments, and instructions (as PDFs) in Schoology under "Materials". Students are asked to submit their completed art work by the due date in Schoology.

In art class, we learn about the Elements of Art, artists from different cultures and time periods, and work in different media such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. I believe each student has his or her own artistic abilities. I encourage my students to engage with creative thinking, to appreciate art, and discuss art!

The Expectations of the Art Room are linked on Schoology, as well as posted in the art room.

ABOUT STUDENT WORK: Students are asked to submit their completed art work by the due date in Schoology. When we return to the art room for in-person learning, students will make their own art portfolios and keep most of what they create in their art portfolio until June. This is because we display artwork all throughout the year!  Our art shows, exhibits and displays will be announced later in the school year. 

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ABOUT ME: I received my Masters in Fine Art Education from Kean University and my BFA in Graphic Design from Marywood University. Before I became a teacher, I worked in a corporate job for several years. I also have minor studies in Art History and Dance. I studied art history in Florence, Italy and lived there for a summer! My favorite period in art history is the Renaissance. After school I teach at a dance studio and a yoga studio, as well as the Kids Yoga Club here at Arbor School!

-- Mrs. Rosania (Petrilli)

The 2020-2021 school year was our FIFTH year of offering Kids Yoga & Mindfulness at Arbor School! If you are interested in finding out more, Mrs. Rosania will provide more information next school year.