Math Corner

Valuable Features of the GoMath! Program


In the student workbook, you will see a "Show What You Know" and "Vocabulary Builder" section at the beginning of each chapter.  Use these pages as a preview of what will be covered in the chapter.  You will also see vocabulary cards.  Cut them out and use them to strengthen your child's Math vocabulary, their ability to define the word, and give examples when appropriate.  About half-way through each chapter, you will find a "Mid-Chapter Checkpoint".  This can be used as an assessment of skills that have been covered in the chapter up to that point.  At the end of each chapter, there is a "Chapter Review/Test".  This review mirrors most (if not all) of what will be covered on the chapter test.  It would be a good idea to preview the “Chapter Review/Test” at the beginning of each chapter so that you will know the skills that will appear on the test at the end of the chapter. 

GoMath! also offers helpful features that are found online.  Just sign on at The username is your child’s school ID number and the password is the letter “p” and your child’s school ID number.  For example, the username might be 1234567 and the password would be p1234567. 


You will find a section called "Things to Do".  These are assignments that support skills learned in class.  You will also see "My Library".  There, you will see "Math on the Spot Videos".  I highly encourage parents to watch the video that supports the current lesson.  It will give you a better understanding of how a question can be answered using various strategies presented in GoMath!.  Also, you will see "iTools".  These are tools that can be used in helping students solve Math problems.


What can you do to help your child be successful?


  • Practice the basic multiplication facts

    (up to 12 X 12).  I cannot stress this enough.  It is expected that these facts are mastered before entering fourth grade.  Your child will have great difficulties understanding the math strategies presented in fourth grade if he/she does not know the basic facts automatically.   Flashcards, worksheets found online, math websites, and practicing multiplication facts in the car or at the dinner table are just some of the ways to help them memorize their facts.

  • Review quizzes, mathercises, and tests that are sent home.  They will show you areas of strength as well as areas that need to reviewed and reinforced.
  • Use Think Central to help support your child.  Videos are available to help you understand how the skill was taught in class.  You can also find YouTube videos to help explain GoMath! lessons.
  • Check the homework folder every night.  Keep it organized by taking papers out that are no longer needed.
  • Check the planner.  All assignments will be written there.  It is your child’s responsibility to use the planner correctly.
  • Always expect the best from your child, and don’t accept less.  Let your child know that you have high expectations and that he/she should, too.
  • Celebrate the successes, no matter how small they may be.  Please keep “Growth Mindset” in mind. (Google it!  It’s good stuff.)