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Grades 4 and 5/ Physical Education

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Welcome to Mr Applegate's Physical Education Website. Within this page you wil be able to find important classroom dates, rules, and special events related to your child's physical education class.


I am beginning my eleventh year as a physical education teacher at Arbor School. I graduated from Kean University With a B.A. in Health and Physical Education and a M.S. in Exercise Science. It is a pleasure for me to be teaching in Piscataway School District since this is the district I attended throughout my educational career.

Classroom Procedures and Goals:

The main objective of my Physical education class is to help students obtain more physically active lives both today and in the future. Many of the activities covered during the year are considered "life-long" sports. These are sports that can be carried on throughout a person's life and also require very little time and equipment in order to be played.

The most important aspect of physical education class is always safety. It is for this reason that students are expected to follow all rules and procedures to ensure everyone is safe at all times. It is important that students wear sneakers on every gym day, and that they wear proper clothing such as sweat pants, shorts, and T-shirts.