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Dave Gaunt


Welcome to Mr. Gaunt's Classroom!

Grade(s)/Subjects(s): Fifth Grade Language Arts Literacy and Social Studies
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Email Address: (any time)
Phone number: 732-752-8652 x5503
Best time to reach me: 7:45 AM to 3 PM by phone

     Welcome to the web page for Room 3. This is a place to find information related to our class and Arbor school. There are several useful links here, including our textbook sites, practice sites, etc. You can find each day's assignments on the schoology course page.    
     Welcome to the new Room 3/4 Arbor students of 2021-22! I hope you enjoyed your summer.  See below for the supply list.

     In the first Marking period, students will be reading fiction in book clubs and will be writing personal narratives. Students are expected to maintain a nightly reading log for homework.  In Social Studies, students will start the year by reviewing geography as it pertains to North America.  

Arbor School 5th Grade Supply List 



1 three-subject notebook

10 pocket folders

2 red pens (erasable preferred)

2 blue/black pens (erasable preferred)

2 boxes of tissues

3 large erasers

2 extra-large book covers

3 boxes of yellow #2 pencils
(NO MECHANICAL PENCILS--If mechanical pencils are brought to school, they will be collected and returned at the end of the year.)

1 soft pencil case with a zipper


2 highlighters

1 small box of crayons or colored pencils

1 glue stick


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* All assignments may be subject to change, based on student or teacher need and schedules. 

 Nightly homework assignments as well as upcoming tests and projects are updated on the schoology calendar.