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Mr. Brian Rosania
Health and Physical Education
Grade (4th and 5th)
Contact Information
Email Address:
Phone number:(732)-752-8652 ext. 5542
Best time to reach me: E-mail - anytime
Phone - between 8:05 AM and 2:30 PM
Welcome to Mr. Rosania's Website.  This resource will provide important information regarding class procedures, and events for the school year.
This is my Tenth year teaching Health and Physical Education in the Piscataway School District.   I hold a B.A in Health and Physical Education from Kean University, and it is my pleasure to be serving the Piscataway Township School District.

Classroom expectations and goals:
As an educator, my goal is to provide each student with the tools and knowledge to live longer healthier lives.  In order to promote this concept students will be taught various "Life-Time Activities."  These activities require minimal equipment and can be carried on through one's life.
In addition to "Life -Time Activities" students will also be introduced to other concepts that will challenge them physically, academically, and socially.  However, the most important aspect in Physical Education class is safety.  In order to make the Gymnasium a safe and nurturing learning environment this objective will be emphasized in great detail.
It is also important students wear proper attire to Physical Education class.  Proper attire includes sneakers, sweat pants, shorts, and T-shirts.
Finally, fitness testing will also continue this year to ensure student fitness levels are increasing.
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