Useful Links

Art Resources

Dear Students and Parents,

There are many books, websites, and other resources you can use to tap into your creative side of the brain and explore art-making skills at home. Below are some of my favorites. I continue to add more to the list, so keep checking back in!

Art for Kids Hub  

The National Gallery of Art for Kids

The Artist’s Toolkit Visual Elements and Principles
 Explore the tools that artists use to build works of art!

Art Express: Contains a nice variety of fun and educational artistic activities for grades 1 through 5

Drawing with Shapes: A great place to learn to draw!

Adventure in Art History!

Learn How To Draw! Over 300 video and animated drawing lessons. Beginner to Advanced levels for all ages.​​​​​ 

And.... Don’t forget your local library! I love visiting the library! They have many art books for kids that include how-to-draw people, animals, objects, imaginary creatures, etc. as well as craft-making, origami, and more. You can ask the librarian there if you need any assistance!

Have fun!

:) ​​​​​​Ms. Petrilli