Mejias, Steve

Mr. Mejias
Orchestra at Arbor

Welcome to 4th and 5th Grade Orchestra!

Societies and cultures from throughout history have always shared the concept of music. It creates entertainment, identity, and connections between many people.  By "musicking," we take part in activities surrounding music, whether it be performing, listening, composing, etc. and through it we garner a better appreciation for music and the arts as a whole.

Through orchestra, my goal is to teach students not only how to play an instrument but how to enjoy and appreciate music. They will learn skills such as critiquing, critical thinking, and team-building, all useful not only in the rehearsal space but throughout their lives. They will see the value in practicing, focusing, and learning, all needed in accomplishing goals and seeing their progress. But just as important, they will learn to have fun with their learning!

Our Orchestra Program pulls students out twice a week for a lesson and a rehearsal. Lessons are small groups of the same instruments that focuses on the individual improvement of a student. Rehearsals are large groups of different instruments that focus on working together to perform music. We will continue our program through the current system of learning and maintain our standards  while be as accommodating as possible.

Please visit the links below in order to view our instrument demonstration video and sign your child up for orchestra. If you need to contact me with questions, you may use the "Contact Me" tab on the left of this web page or using the given information above. 

Below is information regarding instruments as we approach the end of the year:

I always recommend holding onto to the instrument for the summer, as practicing over the summer can help students retain information they learned this year if they wish to continue next year. This goes especially for students in 5th grade moving on to 6th grade orchestra. I am more than willing to provide music and resources for them to practice!


If you own your child’s instrument, please disregard this. Starting the week of June 7th, you may bring in your child’s instrument to Arbor after they have had their final lesson and rehearsal. This applies to only Russo instruments and school instruments. If you are renting/borrowing an instrument from another source, please check in with that group.


If you are currently renting an instrument from the Russo Music Company, you will receive instructions on returning the instrument or keeping it over the summer. I would recommend discussing the commitment of keeping the instrument over the summer with your child.  If you plan on returning it, please make sure to read the instructions and bring the instrument to Arbor between your child’s last lesson and June 14th. If you are planning to bring it to the Russo drop-off event, please make sure to let them know that you are going.


If you are currently borrowing a school instrument, please return the instrument to Arbor with your child’s name placed on the case of the instrument (written on tape, a piece of paper, etc.) and return it in the previously mentioned timeframe. If you would like to hold onto the instrument for the summer, please reach out to me about extending the contract for the summer months.  Please contact me if you have any issues with this.