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The Piscataway School District is committed to providing every student with the opportunity to attend school in an environment that is safe, free of violence and drugs and conducive to learning. This goal is of the highest priority because excellence in education cannot be achieved unless schools and classrooms are safe and orderly. The The Code of Student Conduct was developed to foster positive student development and define student behavioral expectations on school grounds including on school buses or at school-sponsored functions and, as appropriate, conduct away from school grounds. All students, staff, and parents of the district must fully understand the expectations for student behavior while in attendance in our schools, while attending school-sponsored activities, or while riding on transportation systems serving the school district.

When a student’s behavior falls short of expectations, it must be corrected if all students are to obtain maximum benefit from our educational offerings. The Piscataway School District is prepared to assist these students with fair and consistent discipline strategies designed to change undesired behavior while ensuring the rights of all. We expect all students, staff and parents to fully comply with the regulations and procedures contained in this The Code of Student Conduct so that our schools will be free of any activity that threatens the health, safety or welfare of the school community.